Beneath the Satin Gloves is Free!

Beneath the Satin Gloves

My first book, Beneath the Satin Gloves, has been reworked, polished, and rereleased.

And…you can have it for free until Sunday on Amazon! (Promo runs 2/25 – 3/1, midnight P.S.T.)

If you can be so kind as to leave a quick review when you finish the book, that would be very awesome of you. As an indie author, we depend on you, the beautiful people, to help get our names out there.

One reader described Beneath the Satin Gloves as “a little bit romance, thriller, time travel, and historical fiction”.

Here’s all of the info for the newbies around here…

A modern-day woman torn by her illusive dreams awakens to a strange life in 1943, hurdled against the throes of destruction in wartime Berlin. Following a haphazard trail of clues, she discovers her new identity as Alina Feuer, code-named Sparrow, a famous entertainer seducing a high-ranking SS officer to gather vital information for the Allies.

But Alina is an amateur in these incessant spy games. She relies solely on her wit and instinct to make her next move, while frantically hiding her erratic behavior from the watchful eyes of her suspicious liaison/love interest and her pestering socialite gal pal along the way. A reluctant heroine, she must use charismatic glamour as her weapon of choice to fulfill her deadly mission before the week is through.

Beneath the Satin Gloves Back With Message



Thank you for supporting the indie author movement.

15 thoughts on “Beneath the Satin Gloves is Free!

    1. So weird to climb the charts, I must say. It’s like…who me?

      Thanks again for all of your support. I did my best to apply your valuable critique to my edits here, so we’ll see how it goes. I know it’s better than it was.

  1. oooooh I’m so eager to dive into this plot! I got it again on my Kindle, hoping it’s the latest version… (’cause they track me there too and know I bought it last month… so maybe they cheat and download the other version… I wouldn’t know the difference, would I?) I know I’ll love it, anyway!
    Thanks for the teaser, it worked like hell! 😉
    And, again, fabulous on you to have it reedited!

    1. Hey, honey. The new version will have a “note from the author” and chapter numbers instead of chapter titles at the beginning. Easy way to find out…otherwise it’s still the old version.

      Let me know how it goes. I want to make sure you have the best possible version. 😉

        1. Dang! I’ll leave it up to you. But you should be able to delete the old one, and download the new one. It’s free until Sunday, so you have plenty of time. If you want.

          If you have a Mac device of some sort, I can send you an EPub file for you to read that way. Just email me.

          1. I did delete the file and tried to download the new one but it said “you have already downloaded that file” and Sen that very one instead of the new one. I’ll try again. I don’t have any Mac device… Would it be possible to send a Pdf on my Dropbox, maybe…

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