Video: The Life Enthusiast Chronicles Anniversary

A year ago I started a monthly series on this blog, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, an inspirational project where I asked awesome humans from around the world to answer one simple, yet poignant question.

What makes you enthusiastic about life?

The Life Enthusiast Chronicles has gone above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. This project has had a positive rippling effect throughout the blogging community and beyond.

So I have decided to continue the series as long as the inspiration is still humming along.

Today I’d like to celebrate the one year anniversary with you all in this special video I put together. Not only is it an inside look into how the series began, it is also a loving thank you to the 11 wonderful people who contributed their beautiful words to the series this past year.

Please enjoy…

32 thoughts on “Video: The Life Enthusiast Chronicles Anniversary

  1. Hey Britt, kind and thoughtful of you to put this together. I’m happy to be up there with some of my favourite bloggers. You would do well in the movies with those good looks and presence 😉

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