The Bench Where Lovers Had Been

Pittock Mansion

Living in Portland seamlessly translates into spectacular vantage points. Tourists and locals alike wander around—to stare, to photograph, to be romanced.

It’s no wonder there are so many artistic people here. I feel like I’ve been injected with an inspirational serum myself.

We had one of our first crystal clear, summer-esque days last week. I had a little vendetta with a stunner of a view I tried on a hazy afternoon, so I repeated the 6-mile hike with determination.

To get to the view this way, you’ve got to work for it, uphill along narrow muddy trails. Once I reached my destination, a place called Pittock Mansion where visitors can roam freely on the grounds, I was not disappointed.

Mount Hood from Pittock Mansion

Suspended in the air was snow-peaked Mount Hood. Colorful downtown decorated the ground like a set of Legos. All around bright blue skies were intersected by cotton clouds.

A cool breeze soothed my flushed face and quieted my adrenaline. I sat on a bench, one where lovers had been.

I pictured different types of couples sitting side by side, holding hands, their heads resting against one another. Some of them became bold and tattooed their professions of love on the wood.

Bench Carving

Bench Carving

Bench Carving

Bench Carving

Carved Bench

There’s no telling what became of these couples after they left this bench.

Yet beneath the sun and the rain, until the bench is too fragile and must be replaced, that beautiful moment lives on. 



32 thoughts on “The Bench Where Lovers Had Been

  1. HI Britt,
    I’m so glad you are enjoying Portland. If I couldn’t live in Seattle, I would choose Portland! The last time we were in Portland we toured Pittock Mansion, a lovely period piece that is steeped in stories and history, and enjoyed the view too. I love your thoughts about the benches. Best wishes as you discover all the attractions in the City of Roses!

    1. I totally am, Naomi! And, I definitely want to make it out to Seattle soon.

      I’ll do the Pittock Mansion tour one day as it sounds interesting. For now I’m just enjoying the freebie grounds.

  2. So glad you love Portland-It is a beautiful, amazing place, and so many adventures in and surrounding the city. if you have a chance, go to the San Juan Islands in Washington. I go every year-it is a treasure. Meredith

    1. It’s not hard to love Portland! Yes, I heard about the San Juan Islands…definitely on our radar. When we go, I will be sure to report back with a blog post. : )

  3. Hi, Britt! I’ve been away for so long and I missed your move to Portland! I’m glad you’re enjoying it though; sounds like a nice place to live in! 😀 Also, I love those bench pictures! You know what a cool idea would be? Imagining a story for each couple of initials and gathering them all in a little book. 😉

    1. Hey, honey! Yay, you’re back! I see you have a post that I need to check out.

      Yes, a lot has happened in my life over the past month or so, as you can see. Portland rocks! I’ve wanted to be back on the West Coast for some time, so I am in heaven.

      Love the bench book idea…I was thinking the same thing. I’ve never written a short story before, so perhaps this would be a fun way to experiment after I release The Bra Game. As with every experience in life that moves me, I like to tuck little gems like these in my back pocket for later. : )

  4. Stunning Panorama there Britt. No wonder that’s where the Pittock’s decided to build their home. And I read that it’s now in the city’s ownership which was a far-sighted investment.

    1. That view has to be one of the best I’ve seen out there. The Pittock’s knew how to live it up, didn’t they? Interesting tidbit about the city’s ownership, Roy. Already you know more about Portland than I do. : )

  5. Love the inscriptions on the benches. We found a similar testimonial to love in our garage after we had bought the house and were settling in. Someone had spray painted two sets of initials surrounded by a heart up above the door. To this day, we wonder about the two mysterious lovebirds. 🙂

    1. Yes, the view is incredible, a lovely reward after a long hike! That was the first time I was able to see Mount Hood in the distance. It has to be crystal clear.

      Seems like that bench has been around for some time. I hope it sticks around as I feel attached to it already.

  6. I love Zen’s idea of writing stories about each of the lovers. Your idea of short stories would be so interesting to read! And characters with the names Belly and Yan? Fantastic!

    1. Agreed! I was definitely inspired by the bench, hence the post. So, we’ll see what comes of it. Gotta wrap up my current baby, then take a novel writing break to recharge.

      Belly and Yan are amazing names!

  7. What a lovely view, Britt. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Portland! 😀

    We had a heart with lovers initials drawn on our road a few weeks back – and I have no idea who it was because the initials don’t match anyone who lives around here (lol) I’m such a nosy-body 😀

  8. Lovely view indeed and I really like the “tattooed their professions of love on the wood.”! Right now I can’t get following wordplay out of my head: a couple of moments… 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. A romantic post. It ignites the imagination about the stories behind it. Did you carve your names on it as well, Britt 😉

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