It Pulls Me In

Cannon Beach from Haystack Rock

Give me mountains, give me deserts, give me rivers, give me forests and I am captivated—starry-eyed and serene.

Yet, the sea is so different. It pulls me in.

Cannon Beach

Its power is something I cannot fight, something I am willing to surrender to.

I am a happy slave to the sea. For I am so insignificant when I am around it, because it is greater than I will ever be.

Nothing feels better than being humbled and calmed this way. To know that all of my fears and worries are specks, like grains of sand easily swept away by the tide.

Sandals on the beach

With my sandals casually held in one hand and a salty breeze brushing the other, my toes sunk into the wet sand as I walked along the beach with my love by my side. He is always like that tide, pulling me in, soothing me and making me a better person.

I was away from the sea for too long. I need it near me, to remind me of the unknown.

That it is okay to just be.


Last Sunday Mr. H and I hopped in the car and drove to Cannon Beach to recharge. I got more out of it than I expected, including a little sunburn and a lot of peace.

Here are some fun pix to round out the awesome day we had.

We drank local pale ales on the patio…

Beer at Mo's Cannon Beach

We ate clam chowder topped with shrimp in sourdough bread bowls…

Mo's Clam Chowder Breadbowl

There was an impromptu showgirl moment…

Cannon Beach Showgirl

A cool Mr. H shot in front of Haystack Rock…

Haystack Rock

And, the big finale…

Haystack Rock

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the routines we all create. 

If you haven’t lately, go out and find something that pulls you in.

30 thoughts on “It Pulls Me In

  1. Lovely pics – I agree there’s a certain magic to the sea. I attempted to vary the routine and see Maleficient yesterday…hoping it would pull me in. Sadly, it didn’t half as well as I had hoped. Still, fun to be out 🙂

  2. I learned recently that there’s a Norwegian word for “drinking outside in the sun”. It’s ‘utepils’! So you’re utepils in the sun!

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