The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Sheila

Life is so endless to me. Just when I think I’ve seen and experienced everything possible, something astounding comes along, and I’m engulfed in its beauty once more. To pause and cherish the people and places we are surrounded by is something we can always do more of. And when we do…it’s damn magical.

Last month Roy from Back on the Rock  shared his love for running, how its physical and meditative benefits made him reconnect with the rhythm of life. In my new series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, awesome humans from all over the world discuss what makes them tick.

Today I’m very excited to welcome Sheila Hurst, a gal I met somewhat recently in the bloggerhood, and I bonded with instantly. She has a lovely way of seeing the world, taking each day in stride with humor and appreciation. I can always count on an inspirational read when one of Sheila’s posts pops up in my inbox. Her consistent positivity is a wonderful energy we are all lucky to experience. And, that makes her a wonderful example of a life enthusiast.

Connect with Sheila on Twitter. (You’re sure to have some laughs, as we did with our goat repartee some months back.)

Go for it, Sheila…

sunset on the ocean

I love the friends I’ve found here. In one way or another, they’re always reminding me to appreciate everything.

Britt’s sense of humor and enthusiasm for life is contagious. When she asked what made me enthusiastic about life, my first thought was the ocean. Then the more I thought about it, I realized it’s everything. It just depends on how you look at it.

I guess I’ll try to narrow it down a little.

Sometimes it’s the simple things: a butterfly splash of color, a sunset blazing in the background, wind lifting and rustling the leaves, laughter and music trickling through the air.

Just being outside revives me.

bird houseI love watching the seasons change while noticing things like a bud about to bloom or all the colors and patterns held in one leaf. The sound of birds singing after a long winter of silent snow fills my soul with happiness. The feel of the sun on my skin makes me want to soak in everything and let it all become a part of me.

Whenever I think of the universe, it astounds me that we’re all part of something so great. Something that’s in constant motion, always changing, yet somehow stable. It’s chaotic and harmonic and still so mysterious.

Dogs bring me back to Earth and remind me of all the joy that can be found in a leaf pile or a mud puddle or a snowstorm. They always make me laugh with their smiles and licks. They’re so full of love and they’re constantly giving that love away while still managing to overflow with it.

Sparks the dog

And then there’s people. I’ve been lucky enough to know some truly great ones.

My mom, dad, and brother were the first great ones I got to know. My elementary school, high school, and college friends are scattered everywhere now but when we are able to see each other, it’s always as if no time has passed – even if it’s been years. Someday we’ll all meet in a bar with goats (and believe it or not, there is a place like that in Memphis).

So it’s everything. There’s so much to appreciate.

And the more we think about it all, the more we realize how true that is.

70 thoughts on “The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Sheila

  1. There IS a lot to appreciate in this world, and yet so often we take things for granted. Especially the little things, which can be the most special things of all. A hot cup of tea and my morning paper? Love it. (And yes, I still read a newspaper…)

    1. It’s funny that the more you think about it, the giddier you can get thinking about it all – especially when hot tea or hot chocolate is involved. Those are the best accompaniments to any snowstorm! 🙂

  2. You have such a beautiful way of looking at the world with wonder – and a beautiful way with words. I love the change in the seasons too. And dogs… sigh… forever reminding us of simple joys, so true. Is that your dog in the photo?

    Lovely piece; fits so perfectly with Britt’s energy.

  3. Lovely post and wonderful idea of being a life enthusiast. A role I am often playing for my children. My husband has some dour Scots in him, and I am always balancing that with humor.

  4. It’s a great way of looking at the world. And anybody who doesn’t appreciate everything they have in life has no sense of perspective, I think. We can look at all kinds of places around the world to see how little others have, so we should glad for every little thing that comes our way!

    1. Time to get out there and go swimming! Now I’m tempted even though we’re covered in slush and snow today. Maybe a snow angel would be a better idea.

  5. Sheila, I love your writing and your pictures. We both share the same enthusiasm for all those simple pleasures in life. I miss you and can’t wait until we all meet again in that bar…goats and all.

  6. ‘it astounds me that we’re all part of something so great. Something that’s in constant motion, always changing, yet somehow stable. It’s chaotic and harmonic and still so mysterious’ – nice observation Sheila, and excellent post, thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Roy! I really get a bit crazed whenever I think about the universe. 🙂 I loved your Life Enthusiast post. Just waiting for the snow to clear before getting out those running shoes, if only for the chance to explore some more.

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