Writing. It’s glamorous.

go to hell

Sometimes writers think of the perfect dialogue for that intense moment. Sometimes we scribble it down quickly and leave it lying around. Sometimes our spouse picks up the post-it and wonders where it all went wrong.

Just a little writing funny to share with you guys. I’ve been pretty aloof lately, a crazed woman with questionable hair holed up in the editing cave.

Mr. H is a trooper, watching me cautiously from afar.

Each day I’m drowning in stacks of paper and piles of cats, rubbing red pen off my hands, laughing at ridiculous typos, talking to myself…WAY too much, and trying to fight off bursting into tears for no reason at all.

Oh yeah…what the heck is with the English language?

I stared at the word “first” for a good fifteen minutes one day last week. I even checked merriam-webster.com. I’m still suspicious, but I guess I’ll go with it.

first in dictionary

Our apartment is dirty, and littered with maniacal post-its. But, I’m almost ready to hand off this book of mine to another set of eyes.

Don’t worry. We will survive, as will the cats.

Writing. It’s glamorous.

Any psycho writer stories you’d like to share below? Go for it! I could use the moral support right now.

40 thoughts on “Writing. It’s glamorous.

  1. Realising you’ve ventured outside with your shirt on inside-out is a good one. Something I may or may not have done recently 😉 I’ve been in a video editing cave rather than a writing one, but I find they have the same effect. Or is that affect… ? Grrr 🙂

    1. Ooh, that is a good one! Been there, too. LOL!

      I’m a novice at video editing, but the times I’ve edited the few I’ve done for this blog, I can tell you…it is a VERY similar experience. : )

  2. Oh, Britt – it’s lovely to be dipping into your world again. And you say that you have been aloof – I wonder what that makes me…But it’s been a very good break. Editing woes, huh? Gosh, don’t I know about those. I hope you’ve managed to reconfigure your relationship with words. Peace and love!

    1. Blandy love! Where’d you come from, stranger?! So nice to see you again.

      Aloof meaning not participating in the social media/blogging as much as usual. But, not on the hiatus scale like last year…even though it was tempting to finish this WIP up! : )

      Glad you had an awesome break. Editing woes in the realm of “I can’t look at this anymore. I love it, but no more!” I actually just finished my fourth draft and am handing it off to another set of eyes. So, the end is near. Yay!

        1. Eek, hibernation was definitely needed then. So excited to hear about your new job! That place looks very awesome (much prettier than my windowless igloo of a cubicle). Congrats, doll!

  3. I think you have to look and feel a little crazed to be a writer. After all, you’re spilling your mind and heart onto a piece of paper. No wonder the words that suddenly appear on the page seem suspicious.

    1. Yes, I’m learning that crazed look and feel is part of the package at this point. During my first book, I thought I was just in over my head. Nope, we just like to get a little batty. : )

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