Author Interview: Britt Skrabanek

Hey, lovely humans!

Just wanted to share my very first author interview with you all!!! (Can you tell I’m super stoked?) Sheila Hurst is a real gem for taking some time to sit down with me and my cat editing team. It was a surreal and awesome experience.

Stop by Sheila’s to check it out…

Sheila Hurst

Britt Skrabanek and Downtown MilwaukeeI’m excited to introduce Britt Skrabanek, author of Beneath the Satin Gloves and Everything’s Not Bigger. Thank you for trudging through the snow to visit and for bringing Aphrodite and Hazel, your cat editing team. I’m sure they’ll help keep us warm while we talk. 

I loved your descriptions of Berlin in Beneath the Satin Gloves. Have you lived there?

One summer in college I studied abroad in a sleepy town near Stuttgart, then my husband and I traveled to Berlin a few years after that. People were surprised we were only going to Berlin for ten days and blatantly encouraged us to do the usual tourist fail. You know the one – trying to squeeze in the entire continent of Europe, never stopping to absorb the experience. That’s not our thing at all, so we scooped up an apartment in former East Berlin and lived there for a…

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17 thoughts on “Author Interview: Britt Skrabanek

  1. It was great to hear all the stories behind the stories. I’m always fascinated by what inspires an author to write what they write. And I admire anyone who can write historical fiction. That seems incredibly hard to me. Can’t wait til The Bra Game comes out!

    1. Thanks, Juliann! It was fun to dive back into the stories behind my older stories, since I wasn’t in the blogging world long enough at the time to be considered for an interview. Very exciting to finally get to do one!

      Historical fiction can be complicated, and there are always anachronistic fears at play, but we research and do our best, don’t we? I’m super duper excited to share The Bra Game with you guys. It was a blast to write!

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