Britt’s in the Bloggerhood


Hide your valuables and lock your doors, because this gal’s all over the bloggerhood lately!

This past week I’ve been popping up at some beautiful blogs and I wanted to return the hospitality with a little shout-out to each of them.

Be sure to stop by each blog home below, have a warm drink, and cozy up for a bit. If you’re not following these neighborly fellows, you’re missing out.

Fun Character Interview at Back on the Rock

Roy asked me to collaborate on a fun project where I had the pleasure of interviewing one of his main characters. I played the role of a journalist from 1970, grilling Tess on everything from love and fears to feminism and Occupation during WWII. Tess of Portelet Manor is a fantastic read, so be sure to check it out. (My review is here if you so desire to read it.)

Wowza! Gettin’ Quoted at Walking on My Hands

Pamela left me stunned (and blushing) when she opened her recent New Year’s post about sankalpa with a quote from yours truly. Though my sankalpa revolved around a positive intention to love in the new year, Pamela professed her desire for more quiet. In a world as noisy as ours, I can’t think of a better intention. A beautiful writer with lovely stories, this Pamela’s a good one to keep up with.

Life Enthusiast Nod of Approval at Harvesting Hecate

Andrea gave my new series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, an awesome shout-out while listing some of her fave posts of the year. Always keeping things interesting and inspiring, Andrea’s blog is totally worth your time.

Hope you’re all having a super amazing 2014 so far. And for those wearing five thousand layers of clothing like me…keep those tooshies warm. Now back to my editing cave with the cats!

20 thoughts on “Britt’s in the Bloggerhood

  1. Wow – you get around! 🙂 I loved your quote on the Sankalpa and it made it even more fun to see it as a quote like that. Thanks for letting me know about some blogs I didn’t know about. Hope your cats keep you warm!

    1. LOL! I have been gettin’ around lately.

      Hope you’re staying warm, too! There are interesting ice murals on my windows and I keep trying to convince myself that they’re pretty.

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