Le Food, Le Drool

Ah, food. How you sooth me, energize me, and whisk my troubles away. How you bring me joy, fulfill me, and…

Oh, hello there! Sorry, I just went into a food love coma for a moment, but I’m back.

So, last week I chatted about our invasion of Montreal. Today, let’s talk food!!!

It’s no secret around the cyber world (this blog, my other blog, FB, Twitter) that I worship food.

So much that my idea of a shopping spree is going to our local Co-Op and spending without remorse. So much that purchasing our very first food processor a couple of weeks ago has made me insanely happy. So much that we even named said food processor “Bruce Lee”. He likes to chop shit up and he does it like a boss.

Anywho, one of the main reasons we gallavanted up to Montreal was for the food scene. There’s a lot of hype, saying it’s one of the food capitals of the world.

Was it the food orgy we were seeking? Um, let’s just say we’ve had better.

But, let’s also say that there was no possible way for us to eat at ALL of the restaurants there. I’ve never seen so many spunky cafes crammed together in my life. Also, we like to travel on a budget so we usually rock the apartment rental and cook a lot of our own food.

(A quick warning to budget traveling foodies…prepare yourself for the ultimate food tax at restaurants AND grocery stores in Montreal. You’ll be taxed twice and it will hurt your feelings when it happens.)

Anywho, since I just so happen to be married to the best chef in the world, there were many cozy nights spent on the terrace like this…

le plateau montreal
Our Stupendous Terrace in Le Plateau

One of the things we’ve learned over the years from the great Anthony Bourdain…when you first arrive somewhere, get your happy butt to the market. You will instantly connect with the people, culture, and pulse of your unfamiliar surroundings.

On our first morning, we took the Metro straight to the market. The Jean-Talon Market, mecca of grub.

jean talon market mushrooms
Mr. H Cruising the Shrooms
jean talon market herbs
Herb Haggling
Me and a Little, Old Lady
Me and a Little, Old Lady
Bell Pepper Parade
Bell Pepper Parade

The French do three things brilliantly: cheese, chocolate, and bread. In other words, throw your healthy morals out the freaking window, ditch the skinny jeans, and indulge your ass off.

We received this cheese recommendation from a young fellow at the Jean-Talon Market, which was used in the terrace pasta above. It was creamy perfection and we ate it every day.

quebec cheese
The Cheese Wrapper (sorry, we ate the actual cheese)

We explored chocolate in many glorious forms…

jean talon market creperie marche
Slingin’ Crepes at Jean Talon Market
jean talon market crepe
Salted Caramel, Butter, and Chocolate Crepe at Jean-Talon Market
Juliette et Chocolat brownie and latte
Bananatella Brownie (Banana and Nutella) at Juliette et Chocolate in the Latin Quarter

There was a bar of chocolate called Caramel Crack from a chocolatier in the Plateau that was to die for. It was my kind of crack! (Sorry, no pic. We ate that puppy on the long road back home to Milwaukee.)

Lastly, we dipped a fresh baguette in a yummy tomato broth Mr. H fashioned to go with our mussels.

jean talon market seafood
Jean Talon Fish Market

Mussels are everywhere in Montreal. To save some bucks, we recommend fetching your own at the Jean-Talon fish market and enjoying them at your leisure.

In the end, Montreal is a fun romp for foodies who like the richness of French cuisine. Know that you’ll pay out the ass for food taxes, the chocolate anywhere will knock your damn socks off, and you’ll probably need to detox when you get home.

12 thoughts on “Le Food, Le Drool

  1. I LOVE hearing about people’s trips. For some reason I was having a hard time with my browser the last few weeks and couldn’t comment but your photography and this food and this city look incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I remember when I went to France on a studen exchange program, I had chocolate au pain, which is like a semi-sweet bread wrapped around pieces of chocolate bar and warmed. Yum! I had hoped to find a similar treat when I visited Canada, but I never did.

    I love chocolate, cheese, and bread (not always in that order), so yes, this kind of cuisine is right up my alley.

  3. I enjoyed that Britt. Even though we can see France most days I’ve not been over there for a number of years. Strange to see real, authentic crepes etc. being produced so far from home. I can’t boil an egg so, if in Montreal, I’d be hitting the restaurants, pricey or not.

    1. Isn’t it strange how there’s this mini-France WAY over here? Totally tripped me out when we were there.

      Can’t boil an egg, eh? Montreal’s food offerings crowd every block…you’d love it.

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