Advice for those leaving for college, as well as the rest of us

Check out this incredible post from Stan Mitchell, which I meandered over to via good pal Tim Dittmer.

The importance of breathing life in is crucial to our enjoyment of its awe-inspiring beauty. The more we rush, the less we absorb. Every day, every damn moment deserves our full attention.

So, inhale and hang onto it, Lovies. It’s a keeper.

I had an interesting conversation this week.

A young friend of mine, who worked for Danah and I, has been anxiously awaiting leaving for college all summer. And on Tuesday, I texted her to check in and she told me that she was “freaking out and packing too much.”

And hearing what she had to say, and what she’s been saying all summer, brought me back to when I graduated High School and was moving on to the next part of my journey.

I remember I was just like my young friend. I was so excited and so nervous and just couldn’t wait for it to “get here.”

I remember the two days and nights before I left for Boot Camp, and they seemed to last for ages. I had family and friends who wanted to see me, but I was distracted and hardly cared. I wanted nothing to do…

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