Challenge Accepted: Show us your shelves

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” – Ernest Hemingway

Oh, Ernest. You were a feisty son of a gun, but you said some mighty things.

So, my rad blogger pal Letizia over at Reading Interrupted posted something super fun last week, a “Show us your shelves” challenge that’s been traipsing around the blogosphere.

I just couldn’t resist unveiling my dusty ass shelves.

Like many of you, most of my current reading is of the ebook variety. Obviously that would be the most anticlimactic picture ever.

Hey, look at my Kindle bookshelf screen, everyone! (And, cue crickets.)

Please excuse the insanely crooked pics. When you live in a shoebox apartment, you literally squeeze your belongings into every nook and cranny. Taking straight pictures when the corner of your desk is jamming you in the arse is impossible.

OK, Britt. Enough with the disclaimers already.


Travel Books

Bookshelf again

BookshelfThese classics are so cool, they always accessorize…

Classics with sunglasses

You might be wondering if that is a giraffe’s butt in front of the Hitler biography…

Bookshelf Ken FollettIndeed, it is a giraffe’s butt.

Meet Henri, our guardian of the ratty books and keeper of the giant headphones. Originally from France, Henri enjoys reading Ken Follett books, practicing Yoga, and listening to excellent tunes.

Giraffe and books

You didn’t think there would be a book shot without a cat around here, did you?


Cat with Yoga Books

Alrighty, folks. It’s your turn. Let’s see those dusty ass shelves!

20 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: Show us your shelves

  1. Always love seeing peoples’ bookshelves! It’s like a tiny window into their soul. We don’t even own a bookshelf at present, but my book of the moment is yours, “Everything’s Not Bigger” 🙂 Yes, still hahaha If I only read a few pages at a time, then it will last until your next novel 🙂 Yesterday we got to Prague 🙂

    1. I know, right?! It’s totally neat. It’s so awesome that you’re reading my little book as you trot the globe. I’m so excited you’re on the Prague section. That’s my fave.

      Safe travels, love!

  2. Hi Britt, what a great looking blog! I look forward to exploring it. thanks for visiting and following vsvevg, here’s a link to what’s on my shelf these days, and why…
    paz, Abby

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