Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

ice melting milwaukee

Doo, doo, doo down doo be do down, down
Go on, go on
Down doo be do down, down
Go on, go on
Down doo be do down, down
Breaking up isn’t hard to do

Go take your snow away from me
I don’t care, I don’t even ski
If you stay then I’ll just sue
’cause lawsuits aren’t hard to do

Remember when I held myself tight
And shivered all through the night
Think of all that I’ve been through
’cause winters are hard to do

They say that breaking up is hard to do
Now I know, I know it’s NOT true
Please say that this is the end
Instead of making up
I wish that we were breaking up again

I beg of you no more grey skies
I’m done with all your ice and lies
Come on Spring let’s start a new
’cause breaking up isn’t hard to do

It’s a sing-along! If only I had one of those bouncy balls to go across the lyrics. Remember those?

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Neil Sedaka (feel free to join in!)…

20 thoughts on “Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

    1. Oh, good! Actually, this is downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I haven’t been to Hamburg, but I have been to many other parts of Germany. There is a similar feel here, for sure!

  1. They don’t make those TV shows like they used to, do they? Thank the Lord.
    Indeed I’m tempted to cross back over into the ‘no such thing as global warming’ camp. I doubt we’ll see spring at all this year, never mind summer 😦

    1. LOL! I guess we have American Idol now instead. I don’t know if it’s a fair trade though. : )

      Today, appears to be springy. I’ll have to go outside and investigate to make sure.

    1. Ha, thanks Letizia! I was zipping across the bridge with Silvie on my usual commute home, and I had to stop and capture that shot. So cool!

      Today seems like Spring…woot!

      1. So glad it is warm and dry enough for you to be out with Silvie! It feels like Spring here on the East Coast too. We just put out our patio furniture, parasol and all (way too premature but I couldn’t help it! And after a productive hour of gardening it was wonderful to sit at the garden table and look at the bulbs that will bloom soon).

        Enjoy the Spring day and hope you have some flowers in your apartment 🙂

        1. LOL! I love the premature spring activities. We usually take a ride down by the lake and freeze our butts off this time of year. But, it’s tradition!

          Gardening sounds so awesome…definitely something I want to get into when we get a house one of these days. : )

  2. Great song a blast from the past, I loved it. I used to make my own words up to songs when I was a kid to make my friends laugh. Thanks for two great remembered memories.

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