The G-Rated Deal

under the blanket
Yep, that’s me.

I always wanted to watch the Planet Earth series, and Mr. H and I got it for Christmas last year on Blu Ray.

Let’s just say we have an arrangement when it comes to watching these types of things. I do other things and Mr. H gets my attention when something cute or pretty comes on.

I spent most of Disc 1 of Planet Earth hiding under a blanket. Why?

Well, you know everything was all hunky-dory.

Gorgeous Earth showed off her sexy self left and right – her flowery mane, her pointy peaks, her undulating sea hips, and her long tree legs.

The animals started off sprightly and entertaining.

Baby versions gave me a case of the ubiquitous female sigh – awwwww. I wanted to snuggle with them, even the ones that would surely bite my ass.

Then, comes that inevitable moment…you know which one. When the animals decide to turn into Hannibal Lecter’s.

And, that’s when I cower beneath my raggedy blanket, my protective shield, praying for an end to the graphic meal in HD (for our benefit).

Mr. H. shouts things like…

“Not yet. No, definitely not yet!”

Or my personal fave…

“Don’t come out of there. It’s NOT safe!”

I know it’s the cycle of life and all that. But, I just can’t.

If I had it my way, nature documentaries would only show the following:

  1. Interesting weather phenomena
  2. Bold and colorful flora and fauna
  3. Baby animals before they get eaten
  4. Vegetarian meals only

Alas, I know this is not often the case.

Lucky for me I can sometimes experience censored cuteness and prettiness because I have Mr. H and the G-Rated Deal.

How about you guys out there? Do you hide under blankets too or is just me?

12 thoughts on “The G-Rated Deal

  1. I definitely hide, Britt! I saw a documentary one day about cute little baby kangaroos – they even named the bloody things, and then one of them got sick and the others left it behind and it literally got torn to bits by dogs. I was screaming at the tv for the camera man to do something and then cried for about an hour – YIKES! That’s the last time I watched a documentary with animals in it 😉 I feel your pain…

    1. Yay! I’m not the only one! That kangaroo documentary sounds like a nightmare. Yes, the abandonment thing really sets me off, too. It’s like, “How could you?!”

      Ha! Screaming at the camera man is epic. : )

  2. That totally gave me flash backs of when we would stay up all night and watch all of the horror movies on Halloween and you would hide under your blanket and scream. LOL. Good Times.

  3. It’s the same way in my family – I hide under the blankets until I am told that the gruesome spectacle is over; there is no need for those images to be in my head! And they really do set you up for falling in love with those dear animals before, don’t they?

    1. Yay, blanket buddy! They totally set us up. I think that’s why I’m so horrified.

      It should be like this: Look at the mama bear and her baby cubs coming out of their ice cave after a long winter. Aren’t they cute? The end.

  4. Oh, I am such a hider!! I cover my eyes throughout the whole thing and somehow cover my ears, though I’m not sure that’s physically possible. I once saw a documentary of elephants and lions sharing a watering hole. The lions intimidated the elephants until one panicked and ran. A lion leaped on its back and you can just imagine the rest. It was terrible. This is one of the reasons I could never be a vet or work with animals in the wild. I love them too darn much. Ironic, isn’t it.

    1. Phew…I am so relieved you said “you can just imagine the rest”! I was biting my fingernails through each of the preceding sentences. : )

      I’m with you on the vet thing. That was one of my dream jobs when I was a kid, then my dad leveled with me about the downside of the occupation, which naturally I hadn’t even thought about.

      Then, as an adult I almost landed a job at The Humane Society. I didn’t make it through the second interview and my hubby was monumentally relieved. He said our apartment would have been filled with animals on death row. And, it would have been, I assure you.

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