A Birthday Perspective

Dang, I have a birthday looming in two days.

Nah, that’s not something I would say.

I am fortunate to celebrate another year of life in two days. There…that’s better.

birthday candle

Why are birthdays seen in a negative light?

Is it because we carry an unfulfilled life on our shoulders? Or perhaps it’s because each year we get that much older, unstoppably aging against our wills.

I’ve gotta say, a smattering of grey hairs and wrinkles sprouted up somewhere around the turn of a notable decade of my life.

I’m not going to lie. I was a little shaken with grey hairs at thirty. Then I realized it’s probably a common development but most women color their hair, making them oblivious to this colorless discovery.

At first I plucked them. And, to avoid further wrinkles, I attempted to not be as animated – forcing a half-smile when delighted and scolding my perky eyebrows when surprised.

But damnit…if I want to smile my ever-loving ass off, I’m gonna!

Of course it can be difficult to age, especially as women. Our society encourages eternal youth and unattainable perfection.

Yet, we all go down the same inevitable road. No matter how many expensive hair colors or night creams we entertain – we all have birthdays, we all age.


What if we look at birthdays this way…we’re not older than we were a year ago, we simply lived more.

I really like the way that sounds, don’t you?

Ah, the hell with it! I don’t care if I now have to buy two boxes of birthday candles since they usually come in packs of twenty-four.

I will not hide from this birthday or any thereafter. I am honored to be here another year, to enjoy more beauty and love.

I embrace my grey hairs because they represent incredible accomplishments and tribulations.

I embrace my wrinkles because they represent years of laughter and tears.

I embrace my birthday because it is symbolic of the joys of life – and that my dear friends is always a reason to celebrate.

35 thoughts on “A Birthday Perspective

  1. Happy Birthday(just a little late) sweet friend! Hope this new year of your life brings joy and adventure!

  2. Happy Birthday. Beautifully said. There is a huge stigma to being a woman and aging. But it’s inevitable that we age. Some of us do it with grace and dignity. I’ve found a few white hairs in my eyebrows at 35. Kinda freaked me out. But it’s just time passing. It’s experience gained. I like my white flecked eyebrows. 😉

  3. I have ALWAYS enjoyed any opportunity to be special for a day- never understood people who don’t! Sure I get overcome by the bigger picture and the greys, but I actually like my wrinkles- like you, I always looked at them as proof of a life worth expressing.

    Thanks so much for the like son my blog, and for the follow; looking forward to wandering your world…

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