Laughing on the job

I just had to reblog this amazingly fun post from my blogger pal Aneesa over at “Live. Explore. Learn. Remember“.

I love every student/teacher interaction, but here are some of my faves…

  • “Oh Teacher! Your hair is like Lion King!”
  • “Teacher, are you married? If not, don’t worry. Every Jack has his Jill.”
  • Me: “Why are you a star?”   Student: “Because I have all the bling bling!”

Too many adorable moments not to share with you all. Happy Monday!

Live. Explore. Learn. Remember.

I love my students. I have taught a wide variety of ages, from 5 to 40 years old.  Almost all of them make a conscious effort to talk to me and participate in my lessons which I appreciate wholeheartedly. But sometimes, their attempts to speak English properly, just crack me up. Since its Monday and we could all do with a laugh or two, here are a few conversations from my classroom time here in Korea:

-The day before I wrote an exam:

Me: “I have a test tomorrow. What should I do?”
Student: “You should go to club and dance with a handsome boy.

– Me: “Who can use window in a sentence?”
Student: “Please open the window.”
Me: “Someone already said that sentence.”
Student: “Hmmm please close the window.”
Me: “Already said.”
Student: “…..I want to buy Windows XP!”

– Student: “Teacher why didn’t you run last week?”…

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