The Smart Bod Regimen – Part 2

Last week, I covered dietary habits in The Smart Bod Regimen – Part 1. Be sure to scope it out if you haven’t already.

Now, let’s get physical.

In our jam-packed lives, it is best to establish a regular exercise routine, one where we get moving every single day.

We pay our bills on time to avoid penalties, but we don’t prioritize taking care of ourselves. The soaring fees for a sedentary lifestyle are hefty and damaging.

Remember that crazed personal trainer I told you about last week? Besides the satanic crash diet, there was also a boot camp workout to complete my hellish impulse purchase.

During the hill sprints, chin-ups, squats, and every other moment of torture, she watched me with her arms crossed. I loathed every expensive minute I spent with her. I debated whether I should run away and cry in a corner, or keep at it and just barf on her sneakers.

I did neither, of course. But, oh how I wanted to.

Being the food lover that I am, I balance my indulgence tendencies with regular exercise. So, I’m going to share a systematic approach to your body with 5 sensible exercise habits.

  1. Ditch the car keys  Don’t wait around for that perfect sunny day to walk or bike. If it rains, so what? It’s not acid rain, people. Walking and biking are forms of transportation, believe it or not. Use them the next time you go somewhere.
  2. Do something you love  Unless those sweaty gym machines actually tickle your fancy, don’t commit to a gym membership. Revisit something you loved when you were a kid or try something new. You won’t exercise if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, so why bother?
  3. Get cliquey with it  Socializing is something we humans crave. Being surrounded by people with the same interests makes us feel connected. Take a class for a customized environment and a consistent schedule. Or find a buddy, preferably a fitness fanatic who won’t be sidetracked when you try to convince him or her to go to the bar or grab a donut instead.
  4. Become a teacher  Teaching is a great way to commit to an exercise routine. Inspiring others keeps you motivated to give it your all. Love volleyball? Start coaching a children’s league. Love Yoga or Zumba? Get certified and get out there.
  5. Be a spaz  This is going to be different for everybody. For me it means telling stories in a dramatic fashion with lots of gestures, making up silly songs and dances for my hubby, or blasting some music and dancing around when I clean the apartment.

Trust me, boot camp mentality is completely unnecessary. Be smart and be kind to your bod…it’s the only one you’ve got!

11 thoughts on “The Smart Bod Regimen – Part 2

  1. Exactly what I have been doing in my community since mid-January! Hooray for walking and inspiring others to walk and live out their destinies with vigor!

  2. Great list, Britt! Number 3 especially speaks to me. When people ask me how I can keep going to the gym, I always tell them because it doesn’t feel like I am. I used to use the machines on my own with varying levels of success but now I take classes. They work best for me because there is a set time and people are expecting me to go so it motivates me to get there even when I’m feeling lazy. The classes have set durations so there is no giving up in between. Afterwards I always feel happy that I went, and all I really feel I did was catch up with girlfriends.
    Thanks for spreading the good energy! A happy dance always goes a long way too! 🙂

    1. Absolutely! I’ve been taking dance classes since I was a wee lassie, but as an adult I’ve really learned to appreciate the incredible value of a class setting. Set schedules and socializing are an unbeatable combo in my opinion. Thanks for chiming in, Jess!

      Darn, I just realized I forgot to add happy dance to the list…I suppose that falls under “Be a spaz” though. : )

  3. 1. I always walk to work (only because it’s close) 2. I love walking the dogs!) 3. I get clicky with my wii fit – hope that counts:) 4. I’m trying to teach my hubby, but he’s a bit of a couch potato) 5. I don’t have to try to be a spaz – it comes naturally!

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