Beneath the Satin Gloves…News and Reviews!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my recent e-book release.

Haven’t heard of my quirky spy novel yet? You can get up to speed right here.

In addition to Amazon and Smashwords, Beneath the Satin Gloves is NOW gracing the virtual bookshelves of Apple and Barnes & Noble.

A sincere thanks to my fellow bloggers, readers, family, and friends for your magnificent support as I navigate this whirlwind endeavor of becoming a novelist.

You keep me happy, sane, and inspired.

Check out the rave reviews thus far…

Spies, Sex, Glamour and…time travel?Β  I must begin by saying that I am not generally into reading about the WWII era, and have never before read anything about Germany during the war. I decided to take a break from my “preferred eras” to read this fun book and am I glad I did! Well-researched, with an intriguing plot line, Beneath the Satin Gloves had much to keep me glued to it on my Kindle. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and loved how some of the “bad guys” got theirs in the end. Not all, but THAT would be a spoiler. What I have to know now is WHAT HAPPENS NEXT????? Read this book and you will find yourself asking the same question at the end. I guarantee it! Enjoy!

Couldn’t put the book down…Β  Charming characters and vivid descriptions are what make this suspense novel a real page turner. I was able to imagine myself in war torn Germany during WWII. Britt Skrabanek is a talented writer.

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