Sweets Without Grief…Indulge a Little!

Hi, my name is Britt and I’m a Dessertaholic.

My sweet tooth is stubborn, demanding, and tireless, transforming my will into humble pie. I devour it, yearning for seconds.

And, you know what? That’s OK!

Indulgence can be a beautiful thing, making life that much sweeter. With a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise…why not? Why feel guilty?

In our enhanced, photoshopped world, it’s easy to feel inadequate, craving a physical perfection, which does not exist. Women are especially affected by this preposterous stigma, instructed to seek a flawless, ageless mirage–disowning sugar, embracing tummy tucks.

I believe in choosing sanity over artificiality–brownies over Botox, crème brûlée over crash diets.

Celebrate the finer things in life—don’t shun them. When it comes to dessert, find a tasty balance by counteracting and satisfying. Here are some ways to treat yourself without the grief.

  1. Do it right  If you’re going to do it “wrong”, do it right! Don’t bother with sugar-free, fat-free or light. It doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t satisfy.
  2. Forget the straw  Avoid sugary-infested drinks in the form of coffee, soda, juice, etc. Save your calories for a real dessert.
  3. Have it backwards  Eat dessert early in the day, so your body has time to burn it off before bedtime. Don’t make it your first meal of the day, just any time before dinner.
  4. Go on a mission  Keep dessert out of your house. This way you have to exercise to and from your delicious treat. Walk or bike for bonus calorie-burning points.
  5. Walk it off  Literally. Get up and move, even if that means doing the dishes. Lazing around after that big cookie doesn’t allow your body to digest properly.
  6. Explore a healthy side-kick  These usually do the trick for me! Greek yogurt with honey and fresh fruit; almond milk smoothie with cinnamon, spinach, banana, and berries; a small piece of antioxidant-friendly dark chocolate (go for the mini size if you’re tempted to eat the whole bar in one sitting.)
  7. Ditch the scale  You don’t need it!

Indulge a little…it’s a piece of cake!

11 thoughts on “Sweets Without Grief…Indulge a Little!

  1. I think this is exactly the way to go about it. Moderation is hard, but much easier to maintain if the reward is a real one. we are so bombarded by images of what we should look like, it’s hard not to be affected. But my rule of thumb is how I feel. we all know when it’s time to cut back. So Yes, get rid of the scales. I particularly like the one about having dessert earlier in the day. Good advice.

    1. Moderation is certainly challenging, which is why we need to reward ourselves genuinely instead of settling. I could go on for days about the negativity of body image out there in the marketing industry, and would certainly like to create another post expanding on the topic in the near future. Having dessert early in the day feels a bit taboo at first, but it works! Thanks for chiming in. : )

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