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Love Your Enthusiasm with Victoria Dougherty

For all of your writers out there, I have quite the treat for you. Victoria Dougherty is on Love Your Enthusiasm today. You may know Victoria through her blog or through her books—either way, you’ll know one thing…she is a beautiful badass.

Victoria and I first met each other like I’ve met many of you…commenting on each other’s random blog posts over the years. Looks like we go WAY back, somewhere around 2012.

The cool thing about this particular podcast episode is that we are two writers having a conversation. I have many things I am enthusiastic about in my life, but writing has such a special place in my heart. When I talk to someone else with that same love, it shows.

Victoria and I had our interview on Monday, June 1, the morning after the first weekend of protests and riots in the U.S. Both of us were sleep-deprived and a little loopy. So we made a pact at the beginning of the call. We agreed to lean on each other’s enthusiasm to lift each other up.

This mostly worked…except that part when we forgot the name of The Great Gatsby. Whoopsie! 🙂

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, including Victoria’s incredible family history and how these stories impacted her as a writer.

Her grandparents and her mother were all political refugees from the former Czechoslovakia. Victoria’s grandparents hid and smuggled Jewish people during WWII—as a result, her mother was an accidental political prisoner at the age of 12 throughout the Cold War.

This is one of many fascinating stories Victoria gets into on the show. And, you’ll love hearing all about her creative process, her perspective on marketing creative work during difficult times (like launching a book during COVID), and her tireless passion for indie publishing.

victoria dougherty fiction author

Embracing a Creative Life with Victoria Dougherty

An advocate of the indie author movement, Victoria Dougherty has fully embraced a creative life as a full-time fiction writer who has published six books.

Victoria reveals her unique perspective as a writer who has seen all sides of the political spectrum through her family’s stories. She talks about how living a creative life was a risk worth taking—and that even when the world turns upside down, she loves what she has chosen to do even more.

For anyone running a creative business or wanting to take that leap, Victoria offers up a no-bullshit approach.

Listen Now

Living a creative life is about living a mindful life. When the rubber meets the road, how important is this to us? What sacrifices do we need to make? People who live a creative life are willing to do what a lot of other people aren’t willing to do.

Hope you’re all enjoying the new podcast. I promise that a regular Britt blog is coming your way soon. Had my hands full, so writing has taken a backseat. But, I’ll be back. With love…

10 thoughts on “Love Your Enthusiasm with Victoria Dougherty

    1. I adore Victoria (and you, of course!). She had so many great insights.

      P.S. I’m finishing up post-production on your episode and I’ll keep you in the loop via email with the release info. Looking like mid-July right now. xo

  1. I do the occasional writing on the blog but nothing compares to what you writers go through and the creativity your brains manage!
    It was truly inspiring to discover yours and Victoria’s thoughts on the process, very entertaining and interesting. I loved it!
    I’ve always been in awe with what you can create, you know how much I enjoy reading your work here and your books; I found it fascinating to listen to both of you talk about it.

    1. I loved my conversation with Victoria so I’m glad you did too! That was our first time officially talking to each other, but it felt so natural because we’ve been blogging friends for so long. The mutual fiction passion made it very easy. Always cool to hear about creative processes. I find them interesting, even if I don’t share the same passion.

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