Sunset Moment

I love the word moment. I love every part of it—the way it looks and the way it sounds, how its meaning is crystal clear.

It’s now. It’s a flash of beauty that sears your mind forever, because it’s so damn special you can’t help but notice it.

Nothing else can compete with a moment.

This was a moment Mr. H and I shared together last week when we stayed at the Oregon Coast. We were spoiled, with the ocean in our front yard and 60 degree, sunny October days.

I brought my laptop with me, but I never opened it. I read, but not as much as I thought, as I was distracted by the view.

Every evening started the same way, sitting on driftwood in the sand, a front row seat at the Pacific Ocean theater.

There was nobody around. We had beer and a sunset.

And, we had a moment of…


watching the sunset


oregon coast sunset


pacific ocean sunset


october sunset


dancing on the beach


ballet on the beach


beach sunset


dance on the beach


dancing at sunset


sunset dance


walking on the beach

Huge thanks to Mr. H for manning the cam with his usual brilliance.

And believe it or not, we didn’t touch these photos. There are no effects, just moments.

Do you guys have a sunset moment fave?

52 thoughts on “Sunset Moment

  1. Beautiful – L-O-V-E 🙂 My favorite sunset moments are sitting on the beach next to my greatest someone and my favorite sunrise moments are walking on the beach with my greatest someone. We recently moved to Florida and are loving have water on three sides of us with plenty of beaches and green spaces. Happy Day – Enjoy!

  2. It’s great to see you out there enjoying every moment! Sunsets are really so amazing. Thank you for reminding me that I need to get to the beach more often! 🙂

  3. Life is experienced a moment at a time… some we want to hold on to, some we wish never happened. As Clanmother said, we are defined by them. But we can also influence them.

    1. Sure thing, honey! The Oregon Coast is really amazing. On the last night we tried to catch a final sunset, but this crazy fog rolled in right at that time. It blanketed the whole beach in about 10 minutes and you could only see right in front of you.

  4. I had a moment myself just yesterday, though it was more a feeling rather than something I saw. But in that moment, as I stood in the bathroom hugging myself and grinning at my reflection, I let all the feelings of happiness and relief just wash over me and I savored them bit by bit. Love all the photos, though I think Freedom is my particular favorite. What a great moment among moments.

    1. That’s beautiful, love. Those are the best moments, because they come from within.

      I like Freedom too. Mr. H got the right angle so it looks like I’m reaching into the sun. Win!

  5. Awesome pictures!! I noticed some of these ‘moments’ on your facebook 🙂
    Sunsets near the ocean are the best although I must say.. sunsets are beautiful here on the prairie as well 🙂

    1. Texas has some beautiful sunsets, for sure! I used to love driving down to Austin, because as soon as we were away from Dallas, everything opened up. That flat land is pretty amazing out there!

  6. I can’t believe I had not seen this moment… Mr H. sure know how to handle his camera when you’re in the foreground with such a view behind you. Special moment, special bond.

    I love sunsets. (I love sunrises too but I’m never up early enough and awake enough to truly enjoy them as much). They bring music to my hear and I remember “The City of Angels” when Nicholas Cage and his angel friend go to the ocean and listen to that music that no human can hear (supposedly). It’s like watching the full moon, it’s like seating on the sand and watching the waves, it’s like holding your lover’s hand.

    Thanks for sharing the moment with us and reminding us to enjoy them all.
    Happy moments to you 2!

    1. No worries, hon! It happens. That’s why it’s good to link to an old blog from time to time.

      That trip to the coast last October was so nice, because it was pretty clear (obviously unusual for Portland in the fall). We did have one sunset that got blocked out by some crazy fog that rolled in. That was a whole other experience that was completely breathtaking, and it ended up in my new novel.

      Such a tough movie, but it’s beautiful. I remember that scene! xo

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