Leaf Intoxication

In the spirit of Oregon becoming the third state to legalize marijuana this past week, I had to come up with a punchy title. Last Tuesday night the sound of whoops, whistles, hell yeah’s, and even some fireworks could be heard around Portland.

Being that Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana way back in 1973, it’s no wonder people were celebrating.

But this post isn’t about that kind of leaf intoxication, it’s about what happens when rain and leaves create art together.

For the first time in many days, the rain stopped. Though the sun couldn’t quite break through, endless grey skies were light and cheerful. The fresh air smelled clean and crisp as fallen leaves began to dry a little.

Outside of my window something shiny caught my eye on the patio. When I saw what it was, I was mesmerized.

I grabbed my phone to snap some amateur photography and I had to share these beauties with you guys.

P.S. No filters or effects were used.

1.  Up Close and Personal

rain on leaf close-up


2.  Benched

rain on leaf with bench


3.  Lovebirds

rain on a pair of leaves

4.  Lean On Me

rain on leaves concrete

5.  Diversified 

rain on leaf with grass

6. Laid Out

rain on two leaves concrete

Aren’t these bitchin’? Which leaf pic is your fave?

41 thoughts on “Leaf Intoxication

  1. I see you’ve changed your blog theme — unless I missed a post where you announced your blog makeover. I am sooo behind in blogging, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I missed something!

    I love “lovebirds” and “lean on me.” But, I will take them all! 🙂

    Very creative!

    1. Haha! I saw your other comment. I’ve been behind on catching up with other people’s blogs lately, so I’m doing the same thing you’re doing and running over and reading all of their recent posts in random order.

      Thanks, honey! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, so I’m glad I got some decent shots.

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