The Lovers Bench Is Gone

The other day I learned some sad news when I went on my favorite hike. At the viewpoint, the lovers bench was gone. Forever.

Back in May I wrote a post called The Bench Where Lovers Had Been.

I usually do the same hike every week, about two hours round-trip from my house. Toward the end of the uphill hike, there are countless switchbacks to really make you work for it.

But at the top of the hill is the greatest reward, a downtown Portland and Mount Hood view enjoyed from the comfort of a weathered bench. The lovers bench.

I played a little fiction game each time I went up there. I’d pick out a couple carved in the bench, then make up a boy meets girl story in my head before heading back home.

Over the past few months this bench even inspired me to consider writing my first short story. (Consider, meaning I haven’t started a damn thing. But I intended to after more quality time with the bench.)

Anyhoo, this was the bench then…

Carved Bench

Bench Carving

This is the bench now…

bench pittock mansion

bench with roses

So many professions of love tattooed on the decrepit wood had vanished. This strange, smooth wood no longer held stories of romance, foolishness, and hope.

The fresh and shiny bench didn’t woo me at all. To tell you the truth, this guy was kind of a son of a bitch…um, bench.

Yep, he was a real son of a bench.

I preferred the refreshingly true one from before, all genuine and battered, even if it was a splinter in the butt waiting to happen.

Reluctantly I sat down on the impostor and sipped my water in silence. The city continued on below, as if it never had a single thought about that bench on the hill above.

My fingers ran across the perfectly even surface, searching for the charming grooves that were once embedded in the wood. Craving those carvings of love.

Then I looked down at the brand new black armrest and smiled.

There it was…the very first one. And, a new lovers bench was born.

love graffiti


44 thoughts on “The Lovers Bench Is Gone

  1. Isn’t it funny how little things like a new bench coming in to replace an old splinter-inducing one can just leave us flustered?

    I hope the original was re-purposed too…

  2. Ah, I knew it wouldn’t take long for the power of love to make its mark. 😉 But perhaps we need to know what they did with the old bench! Someone must know.

    1. Oh, Gallivanta! Are you sending me on another hunt? LOL! I’m heading back to the zoo today to hopefully meet our totem pole.

      And, since there have been many comments about the fate of the bench from my curious blogger friends, I just sent an email to the Pittock Mansion’s Marketing Manager to see if we can find out. : )

      1. Oh, I really really wanted to send you on another quest but I didn’t dare! Thankfully others have encouraged you to delve in to the fate of the bench, too. I feeling excited about the totem pole meeting. 🙂

  3. Great post!
    One of the first pieces of furniture I bought for myself was a park bench. First apartment, it lived on the patio. Second apartment, it was part of the dining table. Can’t even remember now what I did with it, so I, too, wonder where your old lover’s bench went. Glad someone has begun loving up the new one!

    1. Don’t you just love park benches? So cool that you used it as part of your dining table at one point. They have a lot of uses.

      I’m looking into the fate of the bench. I’ll report back to you guys!

    1. YAY got it!!!

      DG ❤ BS

      I hope this makes up for all the hearts that are now gone with the bench (three comments in a row will probably end up in your spam folder) 😉

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