Read an Exchange with Author Britt Skrabanek (@brittskrabanek)

Hey, beautiful friends!

I was honored to have the opportunity to be interviewed by the lovely Eden Baylee. We covered everything from mottos to favorite curse words, from inspiration to guilty pleasures. Be sure to check out the whole thing over at Eden’s place. Happy Friday!

Britt Skrabanek Summer

I’ve met many authors via comments they left on my blog. That is how Britt and I connected. Of course, then I discovered we had friends in common, so I’m thrilled to showcase her and her work.

She was a lot of fun to interview and I’m sure you will enjoy reading more about her. Please welcome Britt Skrabanek to Eden’s Exchange.

* * * *

Britt, so great to meet you and have you here at last! Tell my readers if you have any great extravagances.

International travel is my vice. I love the rush that begins with entering another country, from the sound of the stamp as it pounds my American passport to the unfamiliar language drifting into my ears. Traveling abroad opens our minds to other cultures and helps us grow into more tolerant human beings. Each time I come back home, I feel like a better…

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4 thoughts on “Read an Exchange with Author Britt Skrabanek (@brittskrabanek)

  1. Great interview Britt! I feel I got to know you a bit better. I can relate on so many levels; the travels, love for history and the need to build ‘organic relationships’…except I have a salty tooth 😉
    Looks like a fantastic novel – I’ll read it! 🙂 and loved the music in the videoclip.

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