I’d Much Rather Play Make-Believe

reflection in the city

I never stopped playing make-believe. And, I think it’s safe to say that at this point in adulthood, I will never stop.

Hell, when I put clothes on each day…it’s still very much like playing dress-up.

Last night I stayed up late, past midnight in my old age, and actually finished an entire movie without passing out in my chair. Wild night, let me tell ya!

I’m a bit late with catching this flick, but I watched “Stuck in Love” with Greg Kinnear (love him!) and Jennifer Connelly (love, love her!) from 2012. It’s one of those indie romantic comedy/drama films, the kind that are often very hit or miss for me.

This one was not a miss.

In fact, I haven’t bawled that much over a movie since the time I made the dreadful mistake of watching “Atonement” alone at an early matinee showing at the theater. Without a tissue in sight, let’s just say I barreled out of there with my sunglasses on to hide my red, puffy, snotty face.

Okay, so back to “Stuck In Love”.

For readers and writers, it’s a goodie. A love of books and a struggle with the writing process are both a strong undercurrent throughout. Sure, it’s a touch unbelievable to have a family of writers β€” dad, daughter, son β€” who all miraculously get published.

But hey, that’s what make-believe is for.

Kinnear had a fantastic line, which he said during a speech with a knowing smirk.

“I’m not sure what it is that compels a person to play make-believe even when they’re an adult.”

I love that. We writers are the oldest children I know. We continually see the world as a playground, a colorful place to explore tirelessly.

I’ll never be the adult who has my shit together. I’d much rather play make-believe.

29 thoughts on “I’d Much Rather Play Make-Believe

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen that movie, which is surprising considering I’m a fan of Kinnear’s. I’ll have to check it out. Of course, I’d probably start watching it only to discover I have indeed seen it. My brain sometimes deceives me…

    1. Yeah, I never heard anything about this movie from anyone. Happens with indies sometimes, naturally. Eek, my brain has done that before, but only when I was totally unimpressed by the flick, making it easy to forget.

    1. Playing make-believe definitely keeps our spirit thriving. It makes me sad when other adults think they need to act a certain way to appear grown up. Says the gal whose dad still acts like an endearing ten-year-old. : )

      Hairbrush, music, and singing? You’re so awesome!

  2. I love that movie, and have loved Jennifer Connelly since I was a teenager. Greg Kinnear’s character is one I’d have a beer with – and not just because of Kristen bell’s character!

    1. Hey, Eli (stranger)! Good to hear from you.

      Yay, so glad you loved it, too! You’re the first person I’ve talked to who has seen it. Kinnear had a very cool character vibe going in this one. Nice balance between being vulnerable and being the man. Kristen Bell was a hoot!

  3. Must be a girl thing. A lot of blokes get their escapism through sport, playing or watching. I ended up thoroughly depressed yesterday, along with a couple of thousand others, as Jersey Rugby Club lost again and sank to the bottom of the division. We identify with our team and rejoice and suffer accordingly. Women don’t understand this and say it’s only a silly game dear, do you like my new frock? Or, like Letizia, make like Beyonce and escape that way for a few minutes. Perhaps I should have been a girl.

    1. Hmm, perhaps. Of course, living in the land of the Packers recently, I saw many women into American football. Hell, I even got into a bit! I can see the escapism there, absolutely!

      Sorry to hear about your team, Roy!

    1. You should check it out, Miss Gail! I love movies and don’t usually do recommendations on my blog. However, I thought this one would be a goodie, since there are so many readers/writers hanging out.

  4. Believe it or not, I really enjoy watching these kinds of movies. I’d call them ‘chic flicks’ but I don’t want to cause trouble. I have not seen this one but will go find it now. A good romance always feeds my soul

    1. Yay! My husband does, too. Within reason, of course, for both of us. Just like anything else, there are bad versions out there. I don’t feel this one is very chick flicky, so don’t worry. Well worth your time, Dannie. : )

  5. I haven’t seen that movie, but unsurprising as most of my movie fare is rated PG or G in the past few years. Sounds like a good one that I would enjoy!

    Having kids is helpful in getting away with playing make-believe as an adult. So, I’m still in that mode too. And of course, being a writer goes along with that.

    1. You should watch it when you can have some grown-up time. : )

      Yes, having kids around definitely keeps the make-believe inspiration alive. I found that happened to me while teaching dance to kids. It was good for me.

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