When I am me, I am free

Stunning Irish photographer Meticulous Mick and I have come together to provide this little number for you.

I first heard of his collaborative spirit when my lovely blogger pal Sheila Hurst teamed up with MM to create Pavement and Paint.

It’s not hard to be inspired by his ridiculously beautiful photos, so he sent me a couple of photos to work with. While they were both absolutely breathtaking, I found “Faded Colour” irresistible.

I thought of this boat as a breathing person, a woman neither young nor old, with doubts and desires. My mind went into a frenzy and I scribbled for a few minutes to create this random something.

I’m not a poet, so call it what you like.

Be sure to get your butt over to Meticulous Mick’s collaborations page if you want to team up.

Faded Colour by Meticulous Mick (aka John Grant)
Faded Colour by Meticulous Mick (aka John Grant)


I could be smooth and new like them

Gliding along the sea in some infinite breeze

Without feelings, without pain

Like porcelain dolls never fazed by the rain

But, I am me

Weathered, chipped, and a little faded

I’m not expensive or high-maintenance

I’m a bargain with my colorful simplicity

Because I have traveled

Across the vastness of life

I remain lovely and bright

Sailing through the dark and the light

My generosity has carried so many souls

And they have guided me in the right direction

I have known life in all of its exquisite ways

Beneath me in the water, above me in the sky, inside of my earthly body

All of it made me real and alive

They made me beautiful

These journeys across the endless sea

When I am me, I am free

52 thoughts on “When I am me, I am free

  1. Reblogged this on meticulousmick and commented:
    The latest collaboration is with Britt who provided words to an image I had sent her. Not just words, but beautiful prose. Please take time out to read this as it is simply enchanting, gorgeous and then why not check out more of Britt’s work.
    My next collaboration will be with an old favourite, so just stay tuned. 🍀

      1. I’m not sure. I thought about whether I could write ‘to’ a photo, and decided it would be hard. I really liked the image you choose, and I doubted I would have been so emotive in an interpretation. You seem to be in the flow Britt.

  2. Britt, that was a beautiful interpretation of the picture of the boat. I love the way you used the boat as a metaphor for our own lives…the title leaves no doubt! Great ekphrastic collaboration! (Ekphrastic = putting words to an image).

      1. Yes, strangely, this word is not well known even though a number of people do it (combining words with their paintings or photographs).
        BTW, thank you so much for following my blog; it’s much appreciated.

  3. This is fabulous, Britt!
    “But, I am me
    Weathered, chipped, and a little faded”—I particularly loved that, because that’s how I’m starting to feel, and I’m completely fine with that. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I love the part about carrying the souls that guide her and how so much life makes her more alive. Thanks for the mention – I’m just glad you two found each other because this is really so beautiful.

  5. You’ve described what life is like and the beauty of it. Not all polish and paint but with scars and character of life. Well done! Fantastic photo also

  6. Aww, I really like this because it’s an homage to caring less about appearances and caring more about the love of life, making the most of adventures and experiences. Great job!

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