This one’s for you, Mom

2nd birthday

I’m sitting here in my robe with puffy eyes and a heavy heart. I have to go to work soon, though I’m not sure how I’ll pull it off.

So, I pick up my laptop and unleash these words. To say all of the things I’m never good at saying aloud, those I certainly couldn’t begin to say last night.

Mom, you know more than anyone that I’m not much of a speaker. But, I’ve been known to write a thing or two.

I remember the dedication in my second book quite clearly in this moment. Between the special thanks and table of contents of Everything’s Not Bigger, it sits in bold letters:


She smiled bravely and kicked cancer’s ass.

When the phone rang last night, I just knew. You never call on weeknights, you call on the weekends, always bright and early as you like to do.

I sat down slowly. I covered my face. I began to cry even though I was trying to stay strong for you.

And just like that, after all those years…it’s back again.

I couldn’t fall asleep. I stared at the dark ceiling with my eyes open, drying my stinging tears every so often with the edge of the sheet and trying not to scream.

I knew I had to turn my energy around for you. To bring some light into the darkness, because that is what we do when we have the courage to love fully.

We surpass the tough with beauty and happiness.

I thought about my favorite picture of all time. This one of beautiful you with the sassy shades and the flamingos.

mom and the flamingos

I thought about the good times, Mom.

Here are just a few that came to mind right before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

  • The way you used to comb my hair as soon as I came out of the shower. We talked about nothing and everything and it was so very perfect.
  • The way you often said “to hell with cooking!” and we’d order a big pizza and watch old movies all night.
  • The way you’d talk me into playing hooky from college, so we could go to lunch and a museum.
  • The way you always had a secret stash of chocolate handy for those drama days of mine.
  • The way you obsessively loved your dogs. Because at the end of the day, pets will always be there for us when we need it most.
  • The way you lived for books. They were everywhere: the living room, the dining room, the bathroom, the bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen, the backseat of the car, the garage.
  • The way you taught me that it was good to be strong, but even more good to be soft.
  • The way you bought me a big ass stuffed animal cow (who everyone on this blog knows as Ken Follett the cow), when I was much too old for it.
  • The way you hugged me closely on the hospital bed the last time you were sick, comforting me for something I was going through when I should have been comforting you.
  • The way you were brave enough to make a joke last night when you shared the news and said: “I’ll keep you abreast of the situation.” That was beyond amazing.

Mom, there are a million more lovely things like these…I could go on forever.

You are the most magical woman I have ever known. Hands down, I would not be the person I am today without your generous love and encouragement.

Please know that you are very much loved.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are loved.


For those of you reading this, I kindly ask that you put some positive vibes out there for my mom. She needs them very much right now. With all of my heart, thank you.

47 thoughts on “This one’s for you, Mom

  1. What a beautiful touching post you wrote for your mom. Always know how proud she is of her wonderful daughter and how much you are loved by her. My baby sister has always been and will always be a fighter because that is what we were taught from day one, when the going gets tough, the tough get going……she is going to beat this again, she has to, WE need her.

  2. What a beautiful post! I wish I had written something of the sort for my father before it was too late. For you, it’s not too late and as you continue to show her your love, she will be more able to fight the fight!
    More positive vibes coming from me!

    1. Thank you. It’s easy for us to get swept up in life. I knew it was time to say some wonderful things and by sharing it with the online community, I thought it would be a fantastic way to gather up some positive vibes. Thanks for your sweet wishes!

  3. Dogs, books and encouraging you to skip class to go to lunch and a museum – sounds like your mother knows where true happiness lies, Britt. And from the photographs, I see that you got your flair from her, what style! I am sending all my love and positive energy both to you, Britt, and to your beautiful mother.

    1. She does know a thing or two about having a ball and she was a sassy thing back then. Thank you. I will share your lovely wishes with her. We’re getting pedicures together right now. : )

  4. It’s tough, tough, tough…so here’s a heap of good, positive vibes from this side of the world. They are full of sunshine and Vit D and good nourishment; they pack a punch 🙂

  5. I love you so much. And because of that, I love your mom so much. My long distance arms are tightly wrapped around you both.

  6. Sorry to have missed this last week…I guess I’ve been dealing with a similar crisis, though not quite as close to home. I’ll keep sending your mother positive vibes. She sounds gorgeous and, I would say (like I said to my Aunt) much too young for this crap!

  7. When a daughter can say such wonderful things about her mother, you know she’s an amazing woman. I’d love to meet your Mom. I’ve got lots of positive energy flowing her way. Once she gets through this, Britt, you can share a stash of chocolate with her and call for pizza. 🙂

  8. Dear Britt,
    I have been through this with my mom, and your words brought tears to my eyes. I am sending you both love and good wishes. SO glad you have each other!

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