Oktober Silliness

Back at the end of July, I had a convo with my blogger pal Juliann from Browsing the Atlas when she posted Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece and covered the exquisiteness of Beijing roofs.

Juliann has a thing for choosing one focus for her photography as she globe trots, and I thought this was a rad idea.

Then, I remembered the time I did the same and focused on one pivotal representation of my surroundings.

The majesty, the colors, the architecture of….Lederhosen.

Some years ago, Mr H, my awesome sis-and-law and her hubby, and myself traveled to Fredericksburg, Texas (kind of the middle of nowhere) for Oktoberfest.

We always wanted to go to Munich for the real deal, but right in our Dallas backyard – not really, since everything in Texas is monumentally spaced out – was our very own Tex-German shindig.

oktoberfest dancing

Cute old couple alert! It’s a little blurry, but he danced with his hand square on her ass the whole time. That’s love, right there.

oktoberfest couple dancing

Umm…there’s a beer on your head.

oktoberfest beer hat

I wasn’t expecting a lot, but it was pretty damn fun! A little too much fun, perhaps. We blame the beer for “sultry”, gender-bending moments like this…

oktoberfest fun

That cold, frothy elixir turned the four of us into a team of misfits with one obsession…besides where to get our next beer.

We dared each other to get the best shots of Lederhosen, creeping up on unsuspecting, costumed dudes and snatching the best pic. Mind you, this was before phone cameras were any good.

It was risqué. It was silly. It was awesome.

First we have a distance shot of our unsuspecting Lederhosen subjects, Herr Rot and Herr Weiss…

oktoberfest musician

A little closer…

oktoberfest red and cream lederhosen

Then, the money shot…

oktoberfest lederhosen close-up

Guess they weren’t meant to live happily ever after. Herr Naked Legs stole Herr Rot away…

oktoberfest lederhosen

In the end, Herr Gelb stole the show with his manly stance and edgy variety…

oktoberfest yellow lederhosen

Hey, I warned you that this was Oktober silliness, nothing more. Hopefully you had some laughs. If not, please drink a big ass beer then read this again.

Find your own Oktoberfest (here are a few big ones in the U.S.) and marvel at some Lederhosen. You’ll love it.

Any silly Oktoberfest stories out there?

22 thoughts on “Oktober Silliness

  1. Britt how did you get that cool widjet posts I’ve been reading lately? no need for a big explanation, if you could just tell me what it’s called, many thanks Abby

  2. No Oktoberfest silliness, but my husband, his brother, and I went to Munich and stopped at a bar where the beers were served in these ENORMOUS mugs and the wenches (pardon the expression, but they were dressed to the hilt!) could carry 4 at one time! I was astonished at their strength.

    We have a pic of us holding our full mugs, and I could barely hold mine up long enough for the pic to be taken. You can see me in mid-drop, gasping from sheer exhaustion.

  3. The problem I have with Oktoberfest is that it runs concurrent to Barbecue Month in the Carolinas. I’m so singularly focused on the ‘cue, by the time I look up, it’s Halloween, and the beer taps are tapped out.

    Maybe i’ll just wear a kilt to a pig-pickin’ in November.

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