Montreal suggestions, s’il vous plaît

things to do in montreal

So at the end of August, Mr. H and I are taking a road trip. Not just any road trip, because naturally…it’s going to be super awesome!

Milwaukee to Montreal.

Originally, we were looking at a European excursion, but let’s face it – plane ticket prices are a bit of a buzz kill. And while we’ve been to Europe before, we’ve never visited our upstairs neighbor…Canada.

The closest thing we have to Europe in North America is unarguably Montreal. The runner-up to Paris, it is the second largest French-speaking city in the world.

I imagine a land of crepes where the air is scented with savory and sweet tones. Mmm, crepes. Delicious crepes. Mouth-watering…I apologize. I keep falling into this crepe trance lately.

(Britt slaps her face twice and continues with her blog post.)

Instead of flying, we decided to enjoy the summer drive. All fifteen hours of it.

As cheesy as it is, we are definitely stopping at Niagara Falls on the way. Don’t judge me…I’m a big sap.

We rented a kick ass apartment for our five-night stay through Airbnb, complete with a ginormous terrace and fancy furniture. You can check out our digs right here.

Obviously with Montreal being one of the culinary capitals of the world, we plan to eat. And, we shall eat like there is no tomorrow.

One adventure on our radar is Piknic Electronik, which is one of those outdoorsy shindigs where we listen to rad tunes and get a little silly.

Other than that, we don’t have any plans. Here’s where you come in.

Calling all Montreal natives or previous visitors…what should we do? Any tips or recommendations for restaurants, sights, etc. would be splendid.

Also, give us the tough love. Are there any tourist traps we should avoid?

Leave a comment below. Merci!

12 thoughts on “Montreal suggestions, s’il vous plaît

  1. No suggestions but you’ll fit right in with your command of French, the little hat over the ‘i’ and everything. We can see France from here yet no one can speak it 😦

    1. My command of French goes as far as the two years I took in high school and the animated charades I played throughout Paris when I visited in college.

      Going to brush up a bit before we go. Otherwise, just smile and nod. : )

  2. I used to go a lot but it’s been a while (back in my early grad school days…..). There’s some cute cafes in the “old town” so that’s worth a visit.

    If you feel like going out, I remember a funky-kitchy martini bar called Jello Martini. We went there a few times and the decor was really silly but in a fun way.

    If you’re still up at 2am and looking for breakfast (did I mention I used to go a lot during my student days?) there’s a 24 hour breakfast place that’s called Cosmos Snack bar (I think) which (if I remember correctly?) is fun (?) (hazy memories here…. don’t blame me if the place is filled with drunk grad students…..).

    Other than that it’s a great place: totally bilingual which is so fun, lots of outdoor music, friendly people. Have a blast!

    1. We definitely want to skulk around Old Town. We are staying in The Plateau, which is supposed to be the hip area, but since we’re there for five nights, we have plenty of time to explore.

      LOL on the student days confessions. We will check out your recommendations.

      We are super stoked to go! Montreal sounds like a neat place.

  3. Oooh. I love road trips! I am so envious. My husband and I went to Ottawa last summer. It was our first trip to Canada (besides Niagara Falls, which I think is always a breathtaking sight). We loved Ottawa and hope to see Montreal soon. I think you’ll have a blast.

    My only reco: eat some poutine! It looks gross, but it so yummy. And buy some maple syrup. It’s so much better than what we get at home.

    1. I’m super excited to FINALLY see Niagara Falls! Yay!

      I heard about the poutine and will definitely check it out. Guess I’ll just have to fetch some maple syrup, then. Twist my arm. : )

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