Goodreads…damn, it’s good!

baby britt
Hmm, I wonder which book I’m going to check out today…

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite places to hang out was the library. To be surrounded by words, bound together by musty covers and food-stained pages, is a joy like no other.

As a child, the library seemed even more magnificent because I happened to be much shorter back then. Books hovered high above me, suspended in the air and out of my reach, teasing me with unattainable stories and characters I would never get to know.

Despite my lifelong love affair with books, I never got into the book club thing. Reading has honestly always been a private activity for me, just like writing.

Until I started this blog that is.

So, I heard about Goodreads a while ago, but was hesitant to join. Because I decided to pursue this indie author thing, all of my marketing/social media research kept pointing me in that direction.

Makes sense…it’s where all the bookworms hang out!

But, this isn’t a story about a desperate, unknown author skulking around Goodreads, forcing free books upon everyone and killing a potential career by lashing out after a bad review.

This is a story about how Goodreads helped me rediscover my love for reading. It is a gorgeous community of thousands of others doing just the same.

And, damn….it’s good!

For a lengthy period of time, I found I wasn’t reading as much as I wanted to. Reading right before bed just wasn’t working for me anymore because I kept falling asleep! I felt so disrespectful to my book. But, when you’re a hard-working “adult” that comfy mattress sucks you right in.  Seriously, my mattress is like laying on a blanket of clouds.

Since then, I’ve changed my reading schedule and stick to sitting up. Problem solved!

Another thing that turned me off from books was writing them myself. During my second book I realized when the issue reared its ugly head….during the dreaded editing stage. The second-guessing myself accompanied by picking apart sentence structure drove me mad.

I’ll just stick to meditation, music, and movies next time. Another problem solved!

I could gush about Goodreads forever, but I’m sure most of you already enjoy the ability to organize your reading wish lists, and if you’re the self-competitive type like me, you’re probably loving the satisfaction that comes with tracking your book goals with the yearly reading challenge.

Another thing I find useful are the reviews.

I’ve written a smattering of reviews if you feel so inclined…


Even today, our world scrambles to unite…to be kind, to be color blind. Yet even so, we have changed and I believe we will continue to change as long as we keep on trying. Read more…


Ian’s words mimic those of a relentless poet, driving emotions deep into the bottomless layers of the imagination, making the reader vulnerable and sympathetic–even those who are not prone to such sensitivity. Read more…


These books inspired me to write honestly, to emphasize a brash idea to make a point, to never fear the taboo or uncomfortable. Stieg had a reckless cowboy quality, a rarity in the world of words. He didn’t write to sell…he told for the sake of telling. Read more…

Just like when I was a kid in the library, I like to stop by Goodreads often…to marvel, to cherish, and to be in good company.

Hey, are we friends on Goodreads? If not, get your little butt over here!



1950s woman with ray bans

Vote for two of my characters’ names (it’s fun!)


In a Nutshell: Feisty Italian-American Tomboy
Classic Movie Star Twin: Audrey Hepburn
Baseball Position: Catcher, Bunter-Stealer
Occupation: Photographer


In a Nutshell: Busty Polish-American Sex Kitten
Classic Movie Star Twin: Marilyn Monroe
Baseball Position: Left Fielder, Left-handed Batter
Occupation: Housewife/Socialite

*Stay tuned for the big character reveal this Thursday…see if your names win!


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21 thoughts on “Goodreads…damn, it’s good!

  1. Goodreads is one of my favourite sites ever; it’s like a social media website for bibliophiles alone, haha. However, I tend to keep my author profile and reader profile separate; I feel it allows me to be more honest and free with my reviews. =D

    1. Isn’t it awesome?! That’s a smart idea on keeping things separate.

      So far, I haven’t read anything catastrophic…I would probably just skip a review if that day ever comes. : )

  2. Oh my God, what an adorable child you were! That photo is so cute 🙂 And I love the line “I happened to be much shorter back then”- that made me laugh!

  3. Brittney….Thank you so much for this information…Love reading, but sometimes you just don’t know how or where to find good books or nice options to pick, Goodreads is fantastic..and again, congratulations for your books…and wow girl ! You have such a huge vocabulary ! I will say
    Thanks again..

    1. Yes, there is much to discover there. I’m pretty basic with my Goodreads usage. I keep saying I’m going to get more into “groups” but it hasn’t panned out so far. So much Goodreads, so little time.

  4. I love Goodreads- sometimes I go on and type in the title of one of my favourite books- then read all the one-star reviews. I dunno why I do this. Maybe to get a different perspective? Or maybe I’m just sadistic, ha

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