A Welcome Distraction

I live in a modest apartment. I use a secondhand dining room table as my rickety desk. I make words come to life by the speed of my thoughts and fingers.

This is how I write.

Along comes a cat. Yet I power through, attempting to ignore warmth for the sake of accomplishment.

Then, I surrender. Because a welcome distraction is always welcome. It reminds me of lifeβ€”its tangibility, its humor, its comfort.

Today…get distracted.

23 thoughts on “A Welcome Distraction

  1. I’m thinking that bloggers love cats. I could be wrong, generalizing. However here it goes, people who love cats tend to be calmer. Calm people can truly write (it’s all the words in our head that isn’t calm!). What does everyone think?
    p.s. My cat Noir is the one that won’t leave me alone while I type. πŸ™‚ Welcoming distraction indeed.

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