My First Food Anomaly

Ah, the curious subject of food anomalies. People claim to see celebrities in their toast, animals in their crackers (pun intended), and UFO’s in their oatmeal. There’s even a Museum of Food Anomalies dedicated to this edible hoopla. Who knew?!

To this day I still childishly identify cloud shapes and have been patiently awaiting my very own food miracle. Well folks, here it is.

The hubby made salmon and sweet potato and carrot mash, one of my favorite meals. I was beside myself when I peered down at my plate.

I exclaimed, “My salmon looks like Africa!”

I took a picture, because who knows if something this monumental will every happen again. It had to be documented.

Then, the nerdy geography enthusiast side of me struck up an internal debate over whether or not the salmon looked more like Africa or South America. After carefully comparing the image with my world map, I’m leaning towards South America.

I think you guys should decide in this poll. And, please feel free to share any of your oddball food sightings in the comment section. You know it’s fun!

14 thoughts on “My First Food Anomaly

  1. I would have thought Africa at first myself, until you take that closer look and you realize Africa’s bottom part is more rightward than this particular piece of salmon geography…

  2. Well, if you observe REALLY carefully, you’ll notice a twitched eye, a snout, and a neutral expression, and…. wait for it; it’s a …. VELOCIRAPTOR! And it’s the head of a velociraptor. Observe very finely, and you’ll surely notice! Sorry Britt, I have a habit of seeing things differently! πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ [To spot the raptor: First tilt your head a little to the left, and the glistening on the top left resembles an angry eye. You’ll spot the mouth too. Follow the eyes downward, and VIOLA! You have your mouth!] I’ll upload an image showing the exact points if you’d like! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    1. That is so awesome!!!

      I followed your instructions and did my best to ignore my instinctual vision. My hubby saw the dino right away and pointed him out. Now, I’m with ya!

      The mind sees what it wants, right? I’m a wannabee globetrotter, so I automatically think continents. Does that mean you want to be a velociraptor when you grow up? : )

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