Let’s Get Physical

“Let’s get physical” is a very thought-provoking expression in my humble opinion. Automatically I think of Olivia Newton-John with her sweatband and leotard, because that’s the kind of silly, random thought that takes precedence in my head more often than not.

Physical is vague, yet meaningful, encompassing the body, the senses, activity, material things, and science. So, what is this blog, a physical perspective, going to cover anyway?

You might be asking yourself if you need to be good at math or wear slouchy legwarmers. Well, I’m terrible at math, so you can forget that. And, if you want to wear legwarmers while you read…go right ahead! As a dancer, I’ve spent most of my life wearing them and I think they’re great.

I’m Britt Skrabanek…I write, I dance, I live.

I am a life enthusiast, meaning I am a stalker fan of the breathtaking world we are privileged to have and I simply don’t have an off switch, because I don’t want one. I like to experience and share, sometimes in the physicality of words, sometimes in the physicality of movement.

My blog, a physical perspective, will be a bouquet of sporadic thoughts including:

  • tips on loving life
  • healthy ways to get through the day
  • how movement keeps you alive
  • why your bike should never have any cobwebs on it
  • and a bit about my new adventure as an indie author, trying to make it in the impossible field of writing.
  • And much, much, more!

I hope you’ll consider following this crazy little blog each week, so we can use it as a quaint, virtual cafe to share a delicious, steaming cup of life together. I would love to hear what’s on your mind in the form of comments and questions at any time, so feel free to speak up and speak often.

Lastly, I’ll leave you all with a little treat for your physical senses.

Even though I’ve heard the song “Let’s Get Physical” a million times, I just discovered the music video today and couldn’t resist adding it to this post. I am personally stamping this with a speedo alert, so be warned and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Despite the speedo warning, I wasn’t quite prepared for the Let’s Get Physical opening sequence! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to listen to this song in quite the same way again, hahaha! Speedos and then chubby men being manhandled by Olivia Newton-John….

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