Life Enthusiasts | Season 2


Joey  “Gratitude is the reason for my joie de vivre. I’m enthusiastic about my simple life because it is simple.”

Always something to write.

Always something to write.

Eli  “So those things that breathe the life enthusiast in me are those that let me soar. They’re the aspects of life that allow the turkey to soar with eagles. It’s a trinity of writing, fatherhood and coaching.”

solo travel

Jilanne  “I am so fortunate that my path is paved with words that make some wee sense of this thrilling-exquisite life.”

eden baylee

Eden  “Diversity touches every area of my life. It’s not that I seek out differences in others, but I know I welcome them, and they have made my life so much richer.”

stan mitchell

Stan  “So, today, if you’re not sure what your long-term dream is, don’t sweat it. Until you know what that dream actually is, why not consider a competitive spirit? Compete with others, and keep pushing yourself to outwork and outhustle your peers.”

breaking bad 2

Mike  “How can a parent not be enthusiastic about life? Children offer up such a unique brand of unmotivated, unintentional weirdness that you can’t help but be curious about what’s going to happen next.”

mural dubai

Zen  “I think it’s really important never to lose sight of the child in you, and to continue enjoying the things that made you happy in that innocent phase of your life.”

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Julie  “Every time I’m in a new place, I feel like that child in front of a Christmas tree, ready to unwrap all the gifts that place has to offer.”

Bucketing, not my favorite task.

Abby  “I changed in that timeless place. I am not always joyful, not even close. But there’s a truth that lingers and informs me.”

Dannie, Julee and a Jackfruit

Dannie  “Life has dealt me blows, shown me love, astounded me, and always made me wonder why. This little exercise has brought all that back to me.”


Kath  “Life is too short. I hope you are building on those dreams, connecting with the people who inspire you and yes, creating the life that you wish for.”