Life Enthusiasts | Season 1

Not bad, eh? What do EWE say?

Gallivanta  “I love life, but in a contented, sipping cocoa, knitting granny’s bed socks by the fire, sort of way.”


Andrea  “The world is a cornucopia of beauty. Every single thing has purpose and sometimes it stops me in my tracks when I remember how amazing it is.”

Photo by Meticulous Mick (aka John Grant)

John  “There were times when I was truly alive and typically these would involve nature, elements of travel, meeting different cultures and trying new things.”

stomping grapes

Juliann  “Sometimes I am struck by a moment and am awed by the thought that I am standing on a small spot of the world where I never dreamed I’d be.”

Dianne's family then (20 years ago)

Dianne  “During this time I started the habit of looking up at the sky for a few minutes every day and thanking the universe for my beautiful life.”

Kate  “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every single person on this planet fought for something wild? Imagine how much we would save.”

chris stocking

Chris  “I have, at my fingertips, in the depths of my mind, the power to tell a story. The power to move mountains, and the power to alter minds. To affect emotions. To make people fall in love.”

bird house

Sheila  “Sometimes it’s the simple things: a butterfly splash of color, a sunset blazing in the background, wind lifting and rustling the leaves, laughter and music trickling through the air. Just being outside revives me.”

jersey sun

Roy  “Out there, pounding out the miles, one’s mind runs free. On the lanes, trails, cliff-paths you get into a rhythm, the rhythm of life.”

Patinha the dog

Letizia  “Rediscovering all my books reminds me of how much I love to read but also grounds me.  Each book is like a snapshot of my life, reminding me of memories past but with each new reading creating new ones.”

Cup of tea

Jessica  “It’s those small moments you take for yourself that give you what you need to conquer life’s bigger stuff, and I’m a big believer in ‘smelling the roses’ as they say.”