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“Britt’s got the right stuff. She’s a fresh, smart voice, delivering high quality content on time and on the mark. You get exactly what you expected, and a bit more: there’s a zest, an enthusiasm, that comes through in her writing. And did I mention she makes deadlines? She’s that Real Thing.”

– Sherry Lamoreaux, Senior Editor at Act-On Software

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sales email blog post

How to Avoid the Sales Follow-Up Email Fail

Sales Tips Blog at Response Capture


Summary:  Bad sales follow-up emails happen…but they don’t have to. Here are three easy ways to avoid the follow-up email fail with proper lead nurturing.

Strategy: After attending a webinar, I got much more than I had originally signed up for—my very own stalker salesperson. It prompted me to write a “what not to do” post, stressing the importance of aligning your follow-up strategy with the buyer’s journey. Because it’s always a good idea to keep it classy (especially when you go the snarky route), the real emails were used in an anonymous fashion, with Mr. Stalker as the pseudonym for the relentless salesperson.

Success: The post went viral after repurposing the blog content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform as When Bad Sales Emails Happen to Good People. My first LinkedIn post (with a whopping 1,400 views), the strategy paid off by driving traffic to Response Capture’s blog, making it their top-performing blog post of 2015.

webinar promotion

7 Pros Share Their Tried and True Webinar Strategies

Round-Up Blog at Response Capture


Summary:  Still a powerhouse in content marketing, webinars can increase leads and loyalty. Here are tried and true webinar strategies from seven marketing experts.

Strategy: Round-up blog posts are a fantastic way to build relationships and generate traffic through the power of social sharing. Beginning with a question on Quora, I then reached out to some of the biggest names in the webinar industry, and we were privileged to receive guest contributions from webinar pros—ON24, BrightTALK, and ReadyTalk.

Success: The post performed well with over 500 views during the month it released. The new partnership with ON24 led to a reciprocal invitation for a guest contribution from our Response Capture team on the ON24 blog, How to Use Relevancy to Accelerate the Sales Funnel.

sales enablement

How to Use Interactive Quizzes to Make Your Sales Team Smarter

Guest Blog at Act-On Software


Summary: Interactive quizzes deliver targeted intelligence for your sales team, so lean on sales to develop the right questions to get the most useful answers.

promoting books
Why writing Isn’t Enough – The Savvy Writer’s Guide to Success

Guest Blog at Kristen Lamb’s Warrior Writers


Summary: Writing is only half the battle. We have to market it—tell people about it and hope to God they’ll listen. To sell our book, we don’t need to sell our souls, but we do need to sell ourselves.