Nola Fran Evie Cover Large

“The characters come to life on the page and at turns, you root for each of them. Funny, moving, nostalgic and fast-paced, this is the best book Britt has written yet. Thoroughly recommended.”

They were unladylike rebels, three young women abandoning rolling pins for baseball bats to join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. They changed history and that changed them. After the league folds in 1954 Nola, Fran, and Evie meet by chance on a popcorn-scented summer day where it all began…Wrigley Field, Chicago. They team up once again to fight for a pivotal cause these dames can only win by uniting as one. Discover more…


Everything's Not Bigger Cover“I enjoyed Britt Skrabanek’s second novel tremendously…it’s ‘Sex and the City’ for the REAL Carrie Bradshaw’s. The author is realistic in describing Jaye’s enchantment with the glamour and glitz, yet the struggle and reluctance to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’.”

In the heartland of oil money, Jaye Davis spends her whirlwind existence trapped in the battle fields of high fashion. Surrounded by sparkling ambition and plastic perfection, she reluctantly masquerades as a sales drone at Lyman’s, a luxury store in Dallas. After escaping a turbulent past and leaving everything behind, Jaye struggles to find her place in the world. Armed with a quiet determination, she embarks on a solitary quest, searching for certainty in an uncertain future. Discover more…

“Solidified by vivid historical imagery of war torn Germany/New York during WWII, the protagonist’s tale is a romantic, whimsical, and glamorous journey that leaves you scratching your head at the end.”

A modern day woman, torn by her illusive dreams, awakens to a strange life in 1943, hurdled against the throes of destruction in wartime Berlin. Following a haphazard trail of clues, she discovers her new identity as Alina Feuer, code-named Sparrow, a famous entertainer, seducing a high-ranking SS officer to gather vital information for the Allies. Discover more…

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